Friday, August 21, 2009

I grew up a Christian by Susan Yenser's


  1. I really enjoyed the clip. I did not care for the JMJ plug at the end. People do that, don't "we". I mean, I do at times; when I am making a point, I recall anothers words on the subject matter, and withoug much difficulty I quote them. If her testimony had ended without mention of JMJ name; I think it would have been excellent. My web cast finds him in clear rejection of his statement. This situation really is not important, it clearly points out that we ought place our hope in Christ alone. (LOL) Hey Karsten, I am sure that if you listen to me enough, you wil find something that clearly identifies me as depraved! Great testimonyt for a young lady that has taken a clear close look at her life. Each of us need to do the same. I see in me shameful humanity. I would hope that the date of His choosing me would erace the stain of sin. I cannot speak for anyone eles. The issue that is facing the church today is "How shall we all show up at the showdown!" Love you son! PJ

  2. Yeah I caught the quote at the end. I praise God that she recognized the time Christ had done a change in her life, even though she grew up in a Christian home. The video made that clear, where we need to stop saying I always grew up knowing Christ, no no, when did Jesus Christ change you, when did you come into contact with the Master. Then there can be all glory given to the Lord Jesus Christ, and not that you just knew Christ all your life. Love you too PJ

    Karsten Miller


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