Saturday, April 12, 2008

Conversation with Bro Tyris and PJ

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! I leave tomorrow for Memphis, TN. This was truly a blessed conversation PJ and Bro Tyris had. No, not because I'm mentioned in it. This convo touched on some things dealing with finding solid biblical reformed pastors, Christian rap, and music in general in the reformed church. Praise the Lord. They do mention of G. Craige Lewis who's link I removed from this site. Once I found out his doctrinal stance (yes, check all who teach on the web all about their doctrine!) Mr. Lewis hears from supposedly God only, and is beyond rebuke from other Christians, so he was taken off. Remember beloved, we must be sound in doctrine, that is the safest route. And bro Tyris and PJ, I would love to meet you guys too.


Oh yeah their websites are: Black and Reformed Kansas City (Tyris) , JohnEColeman
Listen in and learn through the grace of Jesus Christ

Solus Christus!!!!

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