Friday, February 15, 2008

Totally Sovereign

Totally Sovereign

Jesus Christ reigns
as King
God is Ruler over everything
I am in shame
headed for the grave
my life is not life
He is Deliverer from me the totally depraved
Jesus Christ is the Lord

My Lord, My God He is King
Totally Sovereign, ruling heaven, land and sea
Know His Love
Know His wrath
Jesus Christ is the way
Leading His followers down the true path
surely His wrath is just, maybe not to thee
remember God is totally sovereign
don't try to flee
the Sovereign King Jesus, coming for all to bow at their knee

How is it Lord Jesus Christ
that You rule everything,
knowing when my brother blinks
saving the blind man that sinks
I must die because You are sovereign
totally I must shrink

Your ways are higher
Your thoughts are too
turn and repent to the one that's Sovereign and True
just and Holy
full of love, having wrath, taking His beloved through
O Lord Jesus ChristHow sovereign, totally sovereign are You....

written by Karsten Miller

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