Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where is the Love?????


  1. One of the best video's yet by you. I am not ashamed to say; I Love You Man! I prey to God I'll never fuss with you about anything. You are becoming a great little Bible Teacher son, I love it! PJ

  2. That is the central message of the Book, whether we want to acknowledge that fact or not. All too often we get caught up in making or proving our point, even to the detriment of the health of our soul, it seems.

    By the manifest display of LOVE are we known to be the sons of God.

    Good point, we've got to have this in the midst of our protests!

  3. PJ

    I remember you said to me you'd be on your best behavior. I believe that. It has come a time now that I must believer that love is the more excellent way. All the preaching Paul, Timothy, Peter did was done in love. Man how that is missing today my brother. The Lord Jesus Christ is our only hope in growing in love. I love you to PJ


    So true, scriptures central message is LOVE. I know myself I can get the venting, and be so angry only to accomplish nothing and let off friendly fire at my brothers and sisters. Praise God, definetly may love be manifest in our lives in Christ. Amen


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